Your team is the consulting team that has been hired

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Your team is the consulting team that has been hired by company X.  Company X has hired your team to create a new innovative product that will increase their profits. In this project you must:

  • Select a real company that would hire out a consulting firm to assist with the creation of a product to assist with their profits.
  • The product must be innovative and create profits in the organization.
  • The team must:
    • Denote the current leadership model in the team
    • The pros and cons of the current leadership model, assess whether the current leadership model can sustain the new product, and note why or why not.  If the organizational leader needs to change state how.
    • Note the top five organizational strategic goals that the product will enhance and why
    • Note the top five decisions that leadership will have to make with the implementation of the new product
    • Note any organizational changes that must occur for the product to be successful
    • Create the product and note why it will be successful and fit into the organization’s strategy
    • Note: This project is more about the leadership modifications that need to occur due to the implementation of a new product.

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