For this plan, find marketing ideas using social media. We

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For this plan, find marketing ideas using social media. We have discussed how one of the target markets for Chipotle is Millennials, who love social media. These media ads can incorporate factors from our first two recommendations. Which are: Chipotle should do seasonal foods & do regional campaigns spotlighting the local farmers from different regions.

Check out the doc: Using Social Media as a Marketing Tool 

How do we attract Gen Z and Boomers? What sort of type of marketing content could attract potential consumers, like memes or common social media platforms. Remember it should spotlight seasonal foods, and local farmers from different regions. Which platforms should Chipotle focus on? Remember we’re finding ways for Chipotle to spend its money on social media platforms. So, check out how much Chipotle has to pay for their advertisements to be on whatever platform that you recommend, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Here are some links to get an idea:
Social Media Marketing Trends for 2022: Predictions From the Pros: Social Media Examiner 

Top 9 Social Media Trends to Prepare for in 2022 ( 

After you got some ideas, think about how much Chipotle should spend on its marketing campaigns? Also, how much do you think would Chipotle get back? Will they have a saving, and is it a good estimate of percentage? 

Using their annual reports provided. Check out their net income and spendings Chipotle has spent on marketing.

Pages: 6-10 pages
Include charts, graphs, or whatever if you’re doing a comparison, or allocating money
Apa Citation

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