APA Format 175 -265 words Further the conversation with peer

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APA Format

175 -265 words

Further the conversation with peer by elaborating, asking a question, and agreeing with her response.


12:07 AM

This is a little hard for me to answer, as I am on the fence. Obviously I feel as though all health care providers should do any and everything in their power to treat or save a patient. But at what price does that come? Why should and individual set aside their beliefs or traditions? One of the things about America that makes it so great is that it is free. People from all different cultures and backgrounds sometimes sacrifice a lot just to live in this country, so why should they have to sacrifice their beliefs and or traditions also? I feel as though it should be a case by case situation. If the patient is given all of the information, told the risks, and everything that is involved with treatment and care, then the patient can make their own informed decision and they can choose if they want to compromise their traditions and beliefs. I do feel as though doctors should be protected though, if the patient is unresponsive and they make a decision to save the patient, without knowing their beliefs or traditions.

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