FEEDBACK ONLY!!! Verizon and AT&T are rolling out new 5G

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Verizon and AT&T are rolling out new 5G networks–but not near major airports. Here’s why:

  • The new 5G towers could cause major interference with aircraft technology. 
  • The interference could lead to a massive number of flights being cancelled across the nation. 
  • AT&T and Verizon argue that their equipment will not be disruptive. 

AT&T and Verizon had to halt the service of 5G towers near airports. CEOs of many airlines expressed concern with the new cell towers. They claimed that the radio spectrum used by the towers is closely related to the altimeters used in airplanes.

An altimeter is the device in a plane that is used to measure the altitude of the plane. These devices are very important to a plane’s systems, and it is especially important when a pilot is trying to land when visibility is low. 

AT&T and Verizon say that the cell towers will not be disruptive, but many CEOs explain that the towers will be more disruptive that originally thought. The CEOs of the airlines asked that the cell towers be restricted from being put up within two miles of an airport.

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