Overview: In this assignment, you will be asked to use

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Overview:  In this assignment, you will be asked to use your critical thinking skills to assess the different perspectives about business-government-civil society interactions after reviewing the material for the assignment.  Approximate length 1-2 pages (250-500 words). Make sure to answer all the questions listed in Steps 2 and 3 below. 


Step 1. Read, view, and listen to the assigned materials (Business, government, and civil society)



Step 2. Reflect on what you conclude from these sources about the interaction between business and government.  

Describe the different perspectives or strategies business has about interacting with government at any level (Federal, State, and Local).

Describe and cite an example of the advantages for business in having a good working relationship with the government.

Describe and give an example of the downside risks business has in working with government.

What do you think is the best strategy for business in interacting with legislative or executive branches of government? Describe what is important about lobbying by business.

Step 3. Identify an example of a business approach that has been successful to the company in partnering with government.

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