Description In this assignment, students will work in a group.

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In this assignment, students will work in a group. You will write up your analysis of your assigned case and turn it in for evaluation by your professor, as well as post it in the appropriate case Discussion forum for the unit in which your case is due. Your analysis shall include an assessment of key information required to make strategic decisions and review the internal and external position of the company.


  1. Read your assigned case. (Please use the case as a guiding point- you are encouraged to find the current situation of the company)
  2. Prepare an analysis that includes:
    1. Introduce the company
    2. Identify the company within its industry including its position
    3. Identification of the firms’ vision, mission, objectives, and strategies.
    4. Assessment of: 
    5. 1.     Internal strengths and weaknesses
      2.     External opportunities and threats

Overall analysis should be between 5 to 7 pages excluding the cover, table of contents, and reference pages. . It must be clearly written with no grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. It must be properly cited using APA style. Your grade for each component will be reflective of your ability to think critically and present sound arguments that are properly substantiated.

Your book will serve as a resource, but research is required to support recommendations. Case Analysis must be submitted to the assignments page for grading and also posted as a document in the appropriate case Discussion forum.

Please review the case rubric carefully and plan your assignment accordingly. 

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