MODULE 4 DQ1 Assessment Description Review the vignettes in the

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Assessment Description

Review the vignettes in the document attached below. Select one vignette and identify at least two examples of fallacies that we have discussed in class. Record the fallacious quotes from the vignette and explain what type of fallacy you believe they are. For follow-up discussion (participation posts this week), decide whether or not you agree or disagree with your classmates and explain why. Your responses should be based on the fallacy only, not the content of the selected vignette.

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Assessment Description

As you are working on your outline this week, review your three subtopics. Do you see any fallacies in them? How will you avoid using fallacious reasoning in your work?


TOPIC: Persuasive E-Assignment: Outline Worksheet

Assessment Description

Complete the Persuasive E-Assignment: Outline Worksheet.
Please review the grading rubric prior to completing the outline assignment to ensure successful completion.

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