Please read pgs 67-95 in Ethics for the Information Age.

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Please read pgs 67-95 in Ethics for the Information Age.  Then, create your own scenario that contains a deep, moral question of interest to you.  Your scenario may be related to education field or future area of employment in the school,  a sociological issue, or a personal issue of interest.  Importantly, 2 moral question you are trying to answer must be deep enough to use the five ethical frameworks in answering.  Next, address 2 moral question using the five ethical frameworks covered in pgs 67-95 and your own ethical framework.  State your overall response to the ethical question as your conclusion.  

If applicable, include a reference section with citations in an APA format.  Use standard 1″ margins, single spacing, and 11-12 pt font.  

I attached the reading below

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