Music and the Power of Creativity Instructions For your first

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Music and the Power of Creativity


For your first paragraph

Listen to the first five minutes of Tchaikovsky’s “1812 Overture” which tells a very specific story about Russia’s defeat of Napoleon’s invading army. The piece opens quietly with a traditional Russian Orthodox hymn that is a prayer for peace. You can then fast forward to the 13-minute mark and listen for some unusual instruments that help bring the Overture to a climactic end.


  • Provide a review of the opening minutes of the Overture and include what instruments you could distinguish, what tone they set, and your perspective on orchestral music.
  • Comment about the unusual instruments Tchaikovsky included from minute 13 to the end.
  • How did these additional elements contribute to the emotion of Russia’s war victory?

For your second paragraph

Listen to the Gospel Jazz Instrumental – We Fall Down 


  • Provide a review of the instrumental noting the different instruments that introduce the saxophone.
  • Discuss what you could distinguish and how each one contributed to the flow and mood of the song.
  • For example, when the saxophone came in and took over the melody line, was it a distraction, or did it seem to become the ‘voice’ of the song?

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