part 1: In chapter 1, (P. 10 – 13) your

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part 1:

In  chapter 1, (P. 10 – 13) your text discusses stereotypes of gangs.  List  one stereotype you were aware of and one you weren’t aware of.  As you  watched the Gang Starr video did you see or hear anything that may  contribute to stereotyping? What is an important question you have about  gang stereotypes? What are the facts? What is your reaction to gang  stereotypes?

part 2:

Define  a Zoot Suiter.  See pages 54-59. What happened involving these youth in  the 1940s? How long did this incident last?  What role did the police  play in this incident? How did stereotyping play a role in this  situation?

What question do you have about Zoot Suiters?  Use the Inquiry Based  Learning method to answer your own question. Ask your question, conduct  your inquiry, create a list of facts, then reflect and discuss.

 Having trouble with a question?   Here are a couple of example  questions, “Are Zoot Suiters a street gang?”  or “Are Zoot Suiters still  relevant today?

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