To complete this assignment, pick any private organization/business of your

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To complete this assignment, pick any private organization/business of your choice, which has a diversity and inclusion statement on its website. Conduct your research, and provide the following information:

  1. Brief background about the organization and its main business (about 1/2-1 page, double spaced).
  2. The reason why the organization is implementing diversity and inclusion practices (major lawsuit, new CEO and her/his vision, or…?) (about 1/2-1 page, double spaced).
  3. Does the organization have clear strategies to promote diversity or inclusion, or does it use general abstract language to describe its diversity and inclusion approach? Provide examples (1/2-1 page).
  4. Is the diversity and inclusion statement/plan of the organization focused on its employees, the community, abiding with anti-discrimination laws, all of them, or…? Why? Explain. (1/2-1 page)
  5. Does this organization’s diversity and inclusion statement address any of the challenges of diversity management discussed in the course’s readings so far? Cite the readings (1/2-1 page).
  6. Based on what you have read in this course so far, make two recommendations to this organization. The recommendations can focus on improving existing programs and policies or creating new ones to meet challenges that you think are important. Cite readings from the course to support your recommendations (1/2-1 page double space)

I have attached the source you can use in the work

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