Week 6 Assignment – Group Practice Operations Plan Part 2

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Week 6 Assignment – Group Practice Operations Plan Part 2


There has been concern about public health and medical preparedness for disasters because private physicians are not being integrated into disaster preparedness. If frontline medical and healthcare workers are not prepared it could affect the level of morbidity and mortality experienced during a large-scale disaster.


While developing your operations plan you realized the practice did not have a strategy for disaster response.


Part 2:

Develop an operations plan that is 1–2 pages in length and includes at least two quality academic resources in which you:

  • Propose a strategy that medical providers and public health agencies should include in a response plan that combines the efforts of both groups.
  • Outline a strategy for the practice that demonstrates how communication with employees and patients will be maintained, how to secure patient and financial records, and ensure resources are available to care for patients before, during, and after a natural disaster or public health emergency.

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