In task 7-3, you will submit your final PowerPoint presentation

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In task 7-3, you will submit your final PowerPoint presentation of approximately 15–30 slides. Combine all of the milestone projects as well as the additional information as set forth by the final milestone assignment. It should be a complete, polished artifact containing all of the main elements of the final product. The contents should reflect all of the components from each milestone that you have submitted throughout the course. If feedback suggested that you change, update, and/or modify any component, those changes should be incorporated or addressed. Present a step-by-step PowerPoint presentation about how you would meet the challenge of having this order produced, having it in-store for the season specified, marketing it successfully to the primary target audience AND secondary market, and producing it as sustainably as possible.

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Other things to consider including in your presentation:

  1. What key information would you need to supply to the manufacturer about this sustainable collection?
  2. Could any of the steps be expedited in order to speed up the manufacturing process, all the while not losing sight of maintaining transparency of the sustainability of production?
  3. How will you merchandise these garments and promote the benefits of being an eco-friendly collection? How will buyers and other retailers respond to these sustainable garments?

Include any images, URLs, or other documentation to support your findings. In addition, your presentation must include the following: title, your name, and references. This milestone will be graded using the Final Presentation Rubric (below).

Things to keep in mind: Think of the styles you are creating/purchasing for the target market and the number of outfits you can create from the collection. You want to make sure that you create balance that can be merchandised by color, grouping of fabrics, and, ultimately, the overall end function of the outfits.

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