Using the organization for which you work, examine how your

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  • Using the organization for which you work, examine how your organization approaches the acquisition of customers and the maintenance of customers differently. Given the importance of customer lifetime value on long-term profitability, is your organization investing sufficiently in customer relationship management? Explain.
  • The tactics associated with a customer relationship management (CRM) strategy vary from stage to stage in relationship development. Evaluate the extent to which your organization’s CRM tactics align with its CRM goals and each relationship stage. Propose modifications your organization should follow in its CRM efforts to improve its effectiveness in maintaining and improving customer relationships.
  • Customers seek to optimize perceived value. There are several components of value that can be provided via the marketing mix elements. Propose specific product, price, distribution, and promotion strategies for your organization’s offer that could produce a higher perceived value (total value) for the target audience. Justify the value components you used to design a high-value overall strategy.
  • Of the two types of customer expectations, performance expectations fluctuate the most. Describe situations that might cause expectations to increase, thereby narrowing the width of the zone of tolerance for your organization’s customers. What recommendations do you provide for the organization in these situations to better enable the organization to achieve its satisfaction targets?
  • Organizations want customers to be satisfied. Imagine you’ve been asked to estimate the relative importance of the performance factors your organization’s customers evaluate and design a plan to increase satisfaction and decrease dissatisfaction based on your results. Present your findings and plan.

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