For Project Two in this course, due in Module Seven,

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For Project Two in this course, due in Module Seven, you will create police communications (an immediate notification after an incident, press release, social media post, and incident report) regarding a motor vehicle accident.

For this discussion, you will explore the various purposes and types of written reports and external communications within policing. You will first choose one type of police communication and describe its purpose(s) and how police use it. Then, you will explain one benefit and one downfall of police using this type of communication.

Include the following in your initial post:

  • State the type of communication chosen.
  • Describe its purpose(s) and the ways it is used.
  • Explain one benefit of this type of communication.
  • Explain one downfall of this type of communication.

In your responses to two of your peers, address the downfall of the communication they chose. How can this be addressed? What can be done differently? How can police use this type of communication in a different way? Remember to consider the audience of the communication chosen, as this will affect how it is best utilized.

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