In this post you can choose one of the suggested

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  In this post you can choose one of the suggested topics or add your own, as long as it addresses organic food and/or GMO.  Follow the same format.

topics for your main post:

  • Do you think GMOs should be      restricted or banned as they are in most of Europe and other parts of the      world?  Why or why not?  Refer to film.  You can address      economic and/or health concerns as you wish
  • What are the ways in which you would      identify the presence GMO in food, as obvious labeling is not required for      them.  For some foods, all you have to do is look for ingredients.
  • There are certain labeling practices that      can identify packaged products that are reasonably sure to be free of GMO.      You can do an internet search for this one – cite reference.
  • How can you identify loose fresh produce      that is organically grown?

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