What is What is Web Design and Development? (5 points)

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  • What is What is Web Design and Development? (5 points)
  • Which aspect(s) of Web design and development is new to you? (15 points)
  • Were you aware of any Web Design and development -related job opportunities before taking this course?  (5 points)
  • Does this course change your overview of the future job opportunities? and How? (15 points)
  • What type of jobs do you plan to pursue after graduation? Is it going to be in web design or development related? (10 points)

Please make your analytic points specific as this is your self-reflection. Reference anything that are not your own using APA style.

The formatting of the paper should be of at least two pages long (references do not count), single line spacing, use a font size of minimum 10 points but no larger than 12 point. Set margins to 1 inch on all sides.

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