The project is ready, 1st file is the (Word) file

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The project is ready, 1st file is the (Word) file called (MY WORK) & the 2nd one is the (Presentation) file called (My work (Presentation) ), both related to each other.

but these 2 files lack some things. you will have to add some additions and see what also missing regarding the examples that I will put with my project files and compare them.

I will explain what I want in each File:

1)  you will open the file called (MY WORK) and you will see a header called (Findings) you have to make it like the example that I will download, called (WORD EXAMPLE) see the findings and how the people did it & did the same, I just put the examples so that you understand exactly what I want in my project

so for (FINDINGS) I will put a link called (Research Survey) to take the questions that I need it in Word & Presentation.

u will take these questions:  ( 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 12, 13, 17, 18) and put it in the 2 files, With analytics for each question.


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