Guidelines in Writing the Paper:1.         The paper will be three

Guidelines in Writing the Paper:

1.         The paper will be three pages in APA format, not including the cover page, the APA title page, and the reference page.   

2.         The paper will contain an introduction, body, and conclusion.

3. The introduction explicitly identifies the concept “self-help group” and the purpose(s) of the paper.

4. The body will include:

· The date, time, location of the meeting

· A description of the atmosphere of the meeting place (approximate number of people, environment, attitude of different people, etc.)

· Explain the step(s) that was (were) discussed in the AA/CA/NA meeting. If the step(s) were not discussed, then explain what was discussed. OR Explain what was discussed in the Al-Anon/Alateen meeting. Provide examples.

· A description of some of the interpersonal relationships you observed

· How you think a “newcomer” with a substance-related problem or mental illness disorder may feel attending the meeting for the first time.

· How you felt as an individual attending the meeting 

· A description of how AA/CA/NA or Al-Anon/Alateen is a therapeutic intervention for persons living with a substance-related or mental illness disorder.

5. The conclusion is based on your experience of observing the (AA/CA/NA or Al-Anon/Alateen) meeting. In addition, describe the significance to mental health nursing/nurses of the information presented in the paper.

6. Please take the utmost care in writing this paper to ensure that you do not reveal 

anyone’s identity. Confidentiality!

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Question 1: How do you ensure that your medical college assignments align with current medical practices and developments?

As a medical professor, I ensure that my college assignments align with current medical practices and developments by continuously updating my course materials and lectures based on the latest research findings and industry updates. I also emphasize to my students the importance of staying up-to-date with industry developments and encourage them to engage in ongoing learning and professional development activities.

Question 2: How do you evaluate student performance in the medical college?

To evaluate student performance in the medical college, I conduct regular exams, quizzes, and assignments that test their knowledge and understanding of the course material. I also provide feedback on their performance, highlighting areas that they need to improve on and guiding them on how to enhance their skills and knowledge. Additionally, I encourage students to engage in group discussions and case studies that enable them to apply theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios.

Question 3: How do you provide feedback and support to medical college students who may be struggling with their coursework?

As a medical professor, I provide feedback and support to students who may be struggling with their coursework by offering personalized guidance and mentorship. I make myself available outside of class hours to answer questions and provide additional explanations on difficult topics. I also work closely with the student to develop a customized learning plan that addresses their specific areas of weakness and tailors their coursework to meet their individual learning styles and needs. Additionally, I refer students to academic support services and resources as necessary to provide them with the additional support they need to succeed.

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