Legislator discussion

Write a single page Word document answering the following questions:

  • Investigate your local (Miami), state (Florida), and federal legislators (make a list) and explore their assigned committees and legislative commitments (at least 2). 
  • Name current and actual legislative initiatives that have either passed or are pending approval by the house, senate, or Governor’s office.

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As a medical professor, staying informed about the political landscape and ongoing legislation is crucial, as it can have a significant impact on healthcare policies and practices. In this response, I will provide information on legislators at the local, state, and federal levels in Miami, Florida. Additionally, I will discuss some of the current legislative initiatives that have recently passed or are awaiting approval at these levels.

Local Legislators:

In Miami, the city council is the local governing body that oversees local affairs. The council has 5 members, including the mayor, and they are responsible for creating and implementing policies, budgets, and regulations that affect the city. Currently, the city council has five committees, which are Budget, Sustainability, Planning and Zoning, Operational Efficiency, and Intergovernmental Affairs.

State Legislators:

At the state level, there are 40 senators and 120 representatives in the Florida Legislature. Each legislator is assigned to specific committees to review and propose legislation, and their decisions can impact the healthcare industry. Some of the committees that may be of particular interest to medical students include the Health Quality Subcommittee, Health & Human Services Committee, and Appropriations Subcommittee on Health and Human Services.

Federal Legislators:

Florida has 27 congressional districts that are each represented by one member of the U.S. House of Representatives. Additionally, there are two U.S. Senators representing Florida in the Senate. As of 2021, the Senate committees that have oversight of healthcare policies include the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee and the Finance Committee. In the House of Representatives, the Energy and Commerce Committee has the primary jurisdiction over healthcare policies, including public health, Medicare, Medicaid, and private health insurance.

Current Legislative Initiatives:

One healthcare-related notable initiative that has passed into law in Florida is the Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative. This initiative permits the use of medical marijuana by qualifying patients suffering from specific debilitating conditions.

At the federal level, the American Rescue Plan Act was passed in March 2021, which includes provisions that will provide additional funding to help address the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes funding to expand vaccine distribution, support public health surveillance and testing, and provide additional funding for healthcare providers and hospitals.


As medical professionals, it is important to remain aware of the legislative initiatives passed or proposed at the local, state, and federal levels. By doing so, we can stay informed of the potential effects of the legislation on healthcare policies and practices. As we have seen with the above examples, these policies can have a significant impact on the lives of individuals, particularly those dealing with debilitating medical conditions.

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