Managemanet of Technology

Paper Critique Instructions: 1. Please ensure that you use the format given to you. 2. Structure your answers by using appropriate headings and subheadings. 3. Your answers to the questions must be carefully considered, well-structured and demonstrate a deep and critical understanding of the core issues and theories. 4. Your answers must be original and not display any evidence of duplicating material from the reading material covered. You may, however, use this material in an applied, constructive and meaningful manner. 5. The term paper: You have been provided with the following papers: • Layton, E. (1974), Technology as Knowledge, Technology and Culture, Vol. 15, No. 1 (Jan., 1974), pp. 31-41 • Wise, George (1985). “Science and Technology”. Osiris (2nd Series). 1: 229–246. • Orlikowski, W., 1992. The duality of technology: Rethinking the concept of technology in organizations. Organization science, 3(3), pp.398-427. • Schatzberg, E., 2006. ” Technik” Comes to America: Changing Meanings of” Technology” before 1930. Technology and culture, 47(3), pp.486-512. 6. You are to prepare a 1700 words (minimum) critique on “What is technology” drawing from the literature. I have provided four papers which may be of relevance. However, as doctoral candidates, you may actually decide to draw references from a completely different set of papers. 7. Your submission MUST be typed in MS Word format using the guide which has been provided. 8. You MUST use the Harvard referencing style. 9. The submission must be submitted using the ARCOM format which is attached. 10. I have attached an example of a paper critique. This may serve as a guid

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