In Assignment #1, your group will propose the design/solution that will form the basis for your final group Proposal (Assignment #4). Length: 1-3 pages Proposal topic/title* Propose a title for your design. It should describe the content and direction of your project. Example title: Evaluation and proposal for updated elevator shaft in Jorgensen Hall Your proposal will identify: ▪ The preliminary details of your final collaborative proposal. ▪ The audience for your proposal. (You should consider this from the RFP) You should provide a realistic, thorough and specific account of your audience and their needs. ▪ A problem statement section that responds to the RFP. For example, “The problem with X is Y, our proposed project will provide a solution to the problem/needs proposed in the RFP ▪ The impacts, aims and/or perspectives the final proposal will consider and which group member will research which perspective. This section fleshes out the problem statement. How will your design address issues in the RFP? What do you want to know, prove, demonstrate, analyse, test, investigate or examine? ▪ Methodology – How do you anticipate you will achieve these aims?* What do you need? (specify any special equipment, software or material) Can you access necessary data or expertise? Do you require particular resources?* Are there barriers or pitfalls?

▪ Expected outcomes: How do you anticipate your design fixing the problem outlined in the RFP? What do you expect it will deliver? What are the expected outcomes?

▪ An approximate timeline for completing the proposed work. Indicate the timeframe for each broad stage considering literature surveys, data collection, production, modelling, review, analysis, testing and reporting. 


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