Entrepreneurship and innovation for inclusive development as a basis

The article must present several theories and fundamental assumptions for the development of an entrepreneurial culture, as a justification to promote creative and innovative processes, capable of generating productivity and development from the creation of new economic entities at the local, regional and national levels. The article should present a synthetic analysis of the local initiatives put into action by social entrepreneurs in Latin America, the United States and Europe. The document will show that local initiatives can modify the factors that cause poverty and exclusion and, therefore, the devitalization of local communities. The article must have the following structure:

1. Summary: the summary will briefly include the objectives of the work, the methodology, the most relevant results and the conclusions.

2.- Introduction: you must explain the background and the purpose or justification of what you want to do, in the most concise way possible, indicating the objectives of the research and what will be presented in the article.

3. Methodology: hierarchize and group the selected and revised bibliography according to the topics that will be discussed in the article. It should reflect the procedure that will be followed during the analysis of the bibliographic review.

4. Development and Discussion: Analysis of the bibliography, according to the previously structured organization. Verification of the results of different authors and the critical argumentation of each aspect addressed in the article. This documentary research should serve as a synthesis, coherent, clear and perfectly argued of what has already been done during previous investigations.

5. Conclusions: the work will end by indicating the conclusions reached by the authors of the article, as well as the possible implications and / or practical recommendations that may arise from them.

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