Essay over “The Great Debater” movies

Description To complete this project you will want to choose a central character from the movie “The Great Debaters” and A theoretical paradigm from the readings we have completed this for in this class the book Interplay fourteenth Edition – The Process of Interpersonal Communication – Chapter 1-8. This paper should do the following: Explain the rhetorical situation (content) of the film. Consider the external context of the film (era in which it is written, social issues it deals with, etc.) and the is internal context within the film that your character is facing (what is the physical and emotional setting which governs the film and the characters in it. What is the specific relational content facing your character.) Summarize how your character changes throughout the film particularly in self-perception and it’s impact upon the communication choices made. Select at least one theoretical paradigm that we have studied in class and explain how it applies to your observations of your characters growth and communication changes. Include quotes from the textbook to prove your ideas have validity. Support your theoretical claim with specific observations and examples from the film. Consider a particular internal thought patterns and communication choices your character makes as the plot on unfolds and describe them. Explain these decisions both within the context of the film and how they individually illustrate the theoretical paradigm used to analyze the movie. Analyze how the communication choices your character makes impact other characters in the film and your characters relationship with them. Conclude by discussing the impact that interpersonal communication has on all of our lives and how influences communication choices we make. – Explain how your theory of choice impacts communication in real world contexts. – Analyze what the film says to its audience about these communication choices. Your papers should be 3 to 5 pages in length. You may use whatever format your major requires or you are most comfortable writing. Your textbook serves as your primary source; however you may want to do some additional research on your film or the theory that you are using as your paradigm for analysis. Make sure your information is cited. Do your best to write professionally using proper grammar and mechanics and punctuation. Keep in mind the primary consideration for your grade will be in the content you generate and how well you support it.

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