How does the school expectations behaviour policy promote student

Assessment Question

How does the school expectations behaviour policy promote student learning?


Assignment  (Professional Practice)

A strength of the school I am working at is for example, Behaviour for Learning.

Consider how the school expectations behaviour policy promote student learning and impacts student progress and/or behaviour.

Conduct a literature review to consider national good practice theory and policy

in this area.  Examine the application of theory to practice in your school, National, schools and own practice.

Identify and articulate the values which underpin education at secondary school level

Assignment must be 4,000 words in length (10% margin). These will be assessed at FHEQ level 7 (Masters). 

Students must demonstrate the following:

Knowledge of the major concepts of the module without significant omission, errors or irrelevancies.

Evidence that the relationship of these concepts to school experience is understood comprehensively.

The ability to write coherently and concisely presenting a position or argument based on the outcomes of reading and/or enquiry.

The ability to analyses and reflect critically on professional practice.

The ability to select and evaluate appropriate techniques of school-based research and enquiry.

The ability to evaluate critically the findings of published research and other literature.



Grade Criteria

The grading system below will operate for each module, according to how well the relevant assessment criteria have been met.  In addition, each module assignment will have its own specific criteria.

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