John Locke and Jean-Jacques Rousseau

For this written essay, you will compare the British philosopher, John Locke, and the French philosopher and essayist Jean-Jacques Rousseau. For purposes of this essay, you will read several of the selections that are now posted on Blackboard as “Locke and Rousseau.” You need to read these two selections: Locke on The Second Civil Treatise, and Rousseau on the Social Contract. However, I would like for you to make your own arguments and draw your own conclusions.

Be sure to include brief citations from the selections in your essay. For the essays, please do the following. Both authors were concerned with the legitimacy of the state, and also with the rights of the subjects or citizens. For both Locke and Rousseau, what were natural rights, property rights, and on what was the legitimate authority of the state based? Please write an essay, about three pages in length, using 1.5 spacing, which compares the thinking of both philosophers. You should indicate also which author you think more consistent logical, and whose rights each was defending. Be sure to cite only from Locke and Rousseau, not the brief introductions.

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