SFM 6600 Article Review Assignment

*Note: It would be to your benefit to do article reviews on articles you plan on using in your final paper.


Length: 2-3 pages

Font:12 Point, Times New Roman

Margins: 1 inch

Point value: 20 Pts


Find a sport law-related peer-reviewed (e.g., journal article) article that interests you. It would probably behoove you to choose an article dealing with the topic you plan to use for your Final Paper. The article must be no older than 2004. The article may be a case study or an aspect/analysis of sport law. Your article cannot be a book review.


Steps For Locating an Article:


Go to the Troy Libraries Homepage: http://library.troy.edu/


Click on Online Databases.


Click on one of the following databases:


Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe


Academic Search Complete


 (You may need to log into the Libraries using your Troy e-mail username and password)


You can now search for an article two different ways:

Search via keyword search in the box (sport law, antitrust and sport, drug testing and NCAA, etc.). Click on the articles listed (look for the PDFs).

Browse through the journal issues and read the titles of the articles for an article of interest.


Print off your chosen article (PDF is the best format).



Write a critique of the article meeting the following criteria:


First write a complete APA citation for your article

APA resources:

http://www.apastyle.org/ (look at the Tutorials here)




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