What further questions can be raised about the relationship between

You will be required to complete one topic paper that applies concepts learned in class to various cultural artifacts including films, music videos, news, media, music, etc. These will be graded and returned to you within the following two weeks. Your responses should demonstrate your preparation for and in class, and should directly quote, paraphrase, and correctly cite literature in the course. These responses are exercises in the use of theories and methodologies from rhetoric and philosophy. Take some risks in exploring the idea you have chosen by applying it to an example of your choosing, and then use your example by further interrogating the idea. You must turn in these topic papers in on the Blackboard site at Midnight the night before the assignment is due. Grade is contingent based on completing all facets of the assignment, including the topic proposal. We will occasionally share your papers in class. Responses must be typed and at least 5 pages (12 pt., double spaced, Times New Roman regular font, with 1 inch margins on all sides).

All papers must contain at least five components: -Describe the discipline and methodological approach of your choosing as you understand it. Make sure to cite directly from literature assigned in class. -Choose and describe a cultural artifact that you wish to analyze using this approach. This cultural artifact can be taken from a text (poem, short story, novel, non-fiction), a performance (staged, theatrical, filmic, etc), or from everyday cultural practices (rituals, gender expressions, spoken language or slang, food culture, etc.).

-Apply this analysis in a direct reading of your chosen cultural artifact. -Offer a critique and/or questions about the methodological approach: Based on your example, personal experiences, and/or understanding of other readings, do you think the approach can be perfectly applied? What further questions can be raised about the relationship between rhetoric and culture? How has this approach expanded our understanding of the role of language, culture and the arts in constructing our reality? -Include a bibliography and citations (MLA or Chicago Style) throughout the text. You should have a minimum of three sources. At least two of these sources should be texts that were assigned in class and at least one of these sources should be independently researched.

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