Negative Impact of Private Healthcare

 Description Topic : The Negative Impact of Private Healthcare Systems in Ontario Introduction: Indicate what you intend to examine in your final paper. If possible, write this down as a question. Be as specific as possible. For example, you could ask: “Have fast‐track systems in Emergency departments been effective at reducing wait times in Emergency departments across Ontario?” or “What measures are being taken to increase the number of long term care beds for elderly people in Ontario? Are these measures sufficient?” Ineffective research questions / statements might be: “What is wrong with Canada’s health care system?” or “How to reduce wait times.” • Body of the outline: The essay outline may be done in point form. Each point must be written in complete sentences and must indicate the academic source from which you will draw the relevant information. If, at the time of submission, you have not identified an appropriate source for each of your proposed points of discussion, you must indicate that a reference is needed, and provide possible journals in which you plan to look. For example, you could state: Section 1: Define and give history of establishment of fast track systems (references). Then you would proceed to list any definitions and historical points that you have found thus far. Section 2: Discussion in the literature regarding the advantages and disadvantages of fast track systems (references). Section 3: Discussion and analysis: Does the literature indicate that fast track systems are beneficial? Not working? Why or why not? What still needs to be done? Etc. (indicate all references). Section 4: Conclusion: how you intend to conclude your essay. Bibliography: Your essay outline must indicate at least three academic sources (e.g., book, journal article, or government document) that you intend to use in your final essay. This may include one source from the course readings.

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