Reproductive Choices

Description Required Resources The following resource is required to complete the assessment. Human Sexuality Case Studies: Sexuality Confronts Social Policy | Transcript. SCENARIO 1 – JOANNE AND ARTHUR Photo of a young, happy couple taking on a couch. Joanne and Arthur had been involved in a relationship for seven months and had been using male condoms during sexual intercourse. Arthur continued to be dissatisfied with condoms, saying that he found it difficult to maintain his erection while using a condom. They both agreed that they wanted an effective means of preventing pregnancy, and they also realized that the condom was providing protection against possible disease transmission. Both had been sexually active with other partners prior to this relationship. After some discussion, they agreed that because they had both been sexually exclusive with each other, they would get tested for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases and then make a decision about a contraceptive. Their medical tests were all negative, and they then made an appointment at a local family planning clinic to talk about contraception. After hearing about the various methods of birth control available to them, Joanne and Arthur decided to consider either the diaphragm or the female condom. Joanne’s medical history ruled out hormonal methods such as the pill, the patch, or injections. They wanted to use a method that had as few side effects as possible and could be discontinued with ease. The clinic worker scheduled an appointment for Joanne to be fitted with a diaphragm, but the couple also received some female condoms to try in the meantime. As it turned out, they liked the female pouches because they provided better sexual sensations for both of them. Joanne decided not to proceed with getting a diaphragm because she was not satisfied that it would provide the degree of contraceptive protection she wanted. The couple chose to continue using the female condom because they both found it comfortable and easy to use. The clinician had explained that statistics on the effectiveness of the female device were still incomplete, but Joanne and Arthur felt that they could use it correctly and carefully, and that they would have more control over its effectiveness than they would a diaphragm. SCENARIO 2 – MILLIE AND MAX Photo of a couple looking at a pregnancy test and are not happy with the results. Max and Millie are seniors in college and have been together for over a year. They often talk about marrying when they have finished school, although Millie is thinking about going to graduate school for a master’s degree. They hope to locate near each other after graduation so that their relationship can continue. The two have been sharing a monogamous sexual relationship almost since they began going together, and Millie takes birth control pills for contraception.

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