Subliminal messages in film experiments, James Vicary, 1957

 Power point instructions and Tips A slide presentation about “Subliminal messages in film experiments, James Vicary, 1957” on a PowerPoint with references slide at the end is ideal. Feel free to use a variety of sources, including the internet, books, or journal articles. Explain how the experiment you present is related to the Patton text, and the idea of a historical, philosophical, sociological discussion of science. What makes a good PowerPoint on an experiment? 1) Some background about the scientist(s) themselves, 2) Information about their experimental procedure and process, 3) Relating their experiment to our readings in class using specific citations. Did they use verification (Ayer) or falsification (Popper)? Can you see their process as being like Hempel’s deductive-nomological model and process of confirmation? Did their experiment represent a shift in paradigms or a scientific revolution (Kuhn)? Are the results of their experiment underdetermined (Laudan and Leplin)? These links may be most helpful:

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