Technological innovation management.

 BACKGROUND: You must read, incorporate, and cite from the attached reading. Before starting your paper, make sure to review the attached reading. Also, keep in mind, quotations and citations are different. Quotations are actual words/sentences (verbatim) from the reading. Citations, on the other hand, are references of where the information came from within the reading. You may only incorporate citations into your paper. Do NOT quote from the readings. QUOTING IS NOT PERMITTED! All the citations will be checked for accuracy, therefore, you MUST reference/cite the proper page numbers. This is crucial. If the citations are incorrect, the paper will be returned for immediate revision. Each citation should include the author’s last name, chapter number, and page number from the readings. For example, citations should look exactly like this: (Chapter 1, p. 8) or (Barnett, p. 23). When writing your paper you MUST make more than 16 citations from the readings. You will make a minimum of 4 citations per page. (4 citations per page, multiplied by 4 pages, equals 16 citations.) Again, this paper requires multiple citations and references (16 or more in total). Use the Chicago format of writing with in-text parenthetical citations. NO FOOTNOTING! Use only in-text citations within the body of your text. You must use Chapter 1 from the attached reading for your paper. You must ALSO incorporate 4 outside sources. However, these 4 outside sources must be credible, academic/scholarly in nature, and come from relevant business or pharmaceutical management related academic journals or articles. Again, you will only use 4 outside scholarly/academic sources, in addition to the one attached reading. Therefore, you MUST use the attached assigned reading “Chapters 1.pdf” and four outside scholarly journals/articles of your choice. You must follow these instructions! Do NOT falsify information, citations, or page numbers. This assignment is for a business management course. ASSIGNMENT/QUESTIONS: Write a 4 page paper (no shorter) discussing/answering the following questions: (1) What is technological innovation? (2) How can organizations set up to encourage technological innovation? (3) Describe a plan for managing technological innovation for a large global pharmaceutical company. Give some examples from the industry. EXTRA INFORMATION: Keep in mind, to answer ALL 3 questions above. Do NOT miss a question or part of a question. Furthermore, make sure to incorporate the assigned reading (including specific chapter and page numbers) and 4 outside scholarly/academic sources of your own choice, as well as any contemporary or historical examples as support for your arguments and position. Incorporating the reading means attributing any examples/ideas/information you got from the readings that you are including in your analysis. Your paper will be graded on its content, organization, grammar, spelling, creativity, and critical thinking. Keep in mind, a discussion paper is NOT a research paper. Rather, it is an opportunity for you to critically assess an issue, using the reading as support for your perspective.  Again, you are to use 5 sources in total: “Chapter 1.pdf” and four outside academic sources/journals of your choice relating to the subject. Also, make sure to address/discuss all 3 questions listed above. Do miss any question or part of any question. Make sure to cite from all five sources.

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