1. What information may Linda provide when asked about the record?

Linda is the HIM director at Mercy Hospital. She is served with a subpoena duces tecum, directing her to appear at the law offices of John Jansen, Attorney at Law, for a deposition that will take place in two weeks. Mr. Jansen’s office is 100 miles from Mercy Hospital.

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Introduction: As a medical professor responsible for designing and evaluating assignments for medical students, it is important to understand various legal and ethical issues that medical professionals may encounter in their practice. One such issue is the receipt of a subpoena duces tecum, as in the case of Linda at Mercy Hospital.

Answer: A subpoena duces tecum is a type of legal order that requires the production of documents or other evidence in a court of law. In the case of Linda at Mercy Hospital, the subpoena directs her to appear at the law offices of John Jansen for a deposition. This means that she will be required to give testimony under oath, and produce any relevant documents that are requested by Mr. Jansen.

As a medical professional, it is important for Linda to comply with the subpoena, unless there are legal grounds for her to object to it. Failure to do so may result in legal consequences, such as being held in contempt of court. However, she may also need to consult with the hospital’s legal team or her own attorney to ensure that she is complying with the subpoena in a manner that protects patient privacy and other legal obligations. Additionally, considering the distance she has to travel for the deposition, Linda may need to make arrangements with her employer to take time off work and cover any travel expenses. Overall, it is important for medical professionals to have a solid understanding of legal issues and their obligations to ensure they comply with legal orders while still protecting their patients and their own legal interests.

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