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Violet is a vibrant, young 58-year-old woman. She has led a healthy, active lifestyle since her early 30’s. She has noticed a gradual increase in body weight in the last few years, which does not please her. She has also noticed a small decrease in strength, especially upper body strength. Describe in detail a training program that will improve Violet’s general fitness level and allow her to remain a strong, independent woman. In your answer include the number of days per week you will train this client, the types of exercises she will be performing, the number of sets & repetitions you deem appropriate, and any other programming recommendations you feel will benefit her. Include citations of the research you based your recommendations on and explain why you feel this will be the best course of action to take with this client.

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Creating a training program for a client requires considering their individual needs and goals. In the case of Violet, who is a 58-year-old woman, we need to focus on improving her overall fitness level and maintaining her independence. In this answer, we will explore the types of exercises, the sets and repetitions, and the weekly training frequency suitable for her.

To improve Violet’s overall fitness level, a comprehensive training program that includes both cardiovascular and strength training exercises would be beneficial. Training for three days a week would be ideal for her, ensuring that she gets enough recovery time in between sessions.

Strength training exercises for Violet would focus on improving her upper body strength, in particular, using compound exercises like bench press, shoulder press, rows, and pull-ups. We recommend that she performs two to three sets of each exercise for eight to ten repetitions per set, while gradually increasing the weight.

For cardiovascular exercises, we recommend Violet engages in aerobic activities like cycling, swimming, or brisk walking. She should start with twenty minutes, gradually extending the time to forty-five minutes or an hour per session. We also advise incorporating interval training into her workouts as it can improve cardiovascular fitness and promote fat loss.

Furthermore, hydration is essential for Violet to remain healthy and energized during her workouts. We advise her to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water before, during, and after the training sessions.

Research has shown that combining strength and cardiovascular training can improve overall fitness levels and increase muscle strength and function in the elderly. This training program will benefit Violet, improving her strength, flexibility, and maintaining her independence.

In conclusion, a three-day per week training program that incorporates strength and cardiovascular exercises, proper hydration, and gradual weight increase in strength training would be beneficial for Violet. This program, based on research studies, will improve her overall fitness level, maintain her independence, and keep her healthy.

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