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Observe several different exercise classes at clubs, sports teams to identify if any coaches or instructors are asking students to do bio-mechanically incorrect activities.Then list the contraindicated exercises and explain the benefits to risk ratio, i.e.: why they were wrong, what could be the long term effects of those exercises, and what exercises would be safer.

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As a medical professor, it is important to teach our students to identify and avoid exercises that may pose a risk to their patients’ health. In this assignment, students are required to observe different exercise classes and identify bio-mechanically incorrect activities performed by coaches and instructors. The students will then analyze the exercises and explain why they are contraindicated, what the long-term effects of these exercises may be, and suggest safer alternatives.


Bio-mechanically incorrect exercises, also known as contraindicated exercises, are activities that may cause harm to the body due to poor form or incorrect posture. Some of the contraindicated exercises that instructors may be teaching include:

1) Squats with poor form
2) Overhead press with too much weight
3) Kipping pull-ups
4) Deadlifts with rounded back

These exercises may lead to long-term effects such as joint pain, muscle sprains, strained ligaments, and even chronic back pain. Students should suggest safer alternatives to these exercises, such as:

1) Squats with proper form and lighter weights
2) Overhead press with adequate weight and proper technique
3) Strict pull-ups with no kipping motion
4) Deadlifts with a flat back and weight that is manageable

It is important to remind instructors that their primary responsibility is to keep their students safe and healthy. By avoiding contraindicated exercises, instructors can better help their students achieve their fitness goals while avoiding long-term harm to their bodies.

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