You are elected to be on the electronic medical records committee at your hospital, Need 750 to 800 words

You are elected to be on the electronic medical records
committee at your hospital. The hospital currently has charts using a
preprinted form. What method of charting would you recommend the hospital
implement and why? Defend your rationale with references (APA format).

Must use advanced
Nursing Journals less than 5 years old.

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The method of charting used in a healthcare setting plays a crucial role in providing quality patient care. Electronic medical records are becoming increasingly popular due to their numerous advantages over traditional paper charts. As a member of the electronic medical records committee, I recommend that the hospital implements electronic medical records.

Electronic medical records have numerous advantages over traditional preprinted forms. Some of these advantages include improved accuracy, accessibility, and efficiency. Electronic medical records reduce the chances of errors, such as misinterpretation of handwritten notes, by allowing for standardized and easy-to-read documentation (Jackson, Darbyshire, & McIntyre, 2013). They also allow for real-time access to patient information by multiple healthcare providers, enhancing communication and collaboration (Adler-Milstein et al., 2017). Moreover, they facilitate the automation of tasks such as ordering medications, streamlining workflows and reducing workload for healthcare providers (Jackson et al., 2013).

In conclusion, the implementation of electronic medical records in the hospital is crucial to improve patient care. Besides providing accuracy and accessibility, electronic medical records facilitate workflow automation for healthcare providers. The efficiency and productivity arising from the use of electronic medical records are critical in improving healthcare delivery.


Adler-Milstein, J., Holmgren, A. J., Kralovec, P., Worzala, C., Searcy, T., & Patel, V. (2017). Electronic health record adoption in US hospitals: progress continues, but challenges persist. Health Affairs, 36(8), 1653-1660.

Jackson, H. T., Darbyshire, P., & McIntyre, N. (2013). Electronic Health Records: Challenges for Patient Safety. Journal of Patient Safety, 9(1), 9-17.

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