AH356 Week 4 Assignment

Week 4 Assignment

Point Presentation

team has successfully implemented the pharmacy information system from the
Module 1 assignment. You are now concerned that there has not been enough
planning put into the overall security of the system. You schedule time with
upper management to address your concerns. As you begin to discuss the need for
a business impact analysis and an incident response team, you realize that most
of the meeting’s attendees appear lost in the conversation. You quickly suggest
that you reconvene with them in the morning and at that time you will have a
PowerPoint presentation outlining your concerns. Create a PowerPoint
presentation using 7-9 slides in which you outline the basic components of a
contingency plan as it relates to information security. Be sure to address the
BIA and the other steps needed. You may choose to use the notes section of the
PowerPoint presentation to clarify any obscure points, however, the use of such
a note section is optional.

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As a medical professor in charge of creating college assignments and answers for medical college students, I have designed many lectures and evaluated student performance through examinations and assignments. In response to the given content, I am providing an answer to create a PowerPoint presentation outlining the basic components of a contingency plan as it relates to information security.


A contingency plan for information security is crucial to maintain the security of a pharmacy information system. In the PowerPoint presentation, the basic components of a contingency plan should be outlined, which include the following steps:

1. Business Impact Analysis (BIA):
The first step of a contingency plan is to conduct a Business Impact Analysis. It identifies the potential impact of a disaster on the business operations and outlines the recovery time objectives. It also identifies critical business processes, assets, and resources required to operate them.

2. Incident Response Plan:
An Incident Response Plan outlines the steps to be taken when an incident occurs. It includes personnel involved, procedures for communication, incident escalation, and containment, documentation, and reporting requirements.

3. Damage Assessment:
After the incident, a Damage Assessment is conducted to categorize the damage level and what the business needs to do to restore operations.

4. Recovery Strategy:
Based on the severity of damage, a recovery strategy should be developed to minimize data loss and ensure that the systems are restored to full functionality.

5. Testing and Training:
The contingency plan must be tested periodically to ensure that the staff members understand their roles and responsibilities and can carry out their specific duties effectively.

Creating a contingency plan for information security ensures that an organization’s business operations can recover from a disaster that may occur. The plan minimizes the impact of incidents and allows a quick and effective recovery. The PowerPoint presentation should be easy to understand and informative.

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