MSU Medical Errors Policy and Procedures Paper

Medication Errors – Policy and Procedures

Medication error reporting is an essential component of patient safety.

For this assignment, you will assume that you are a healthcare administrator at a healthcare facility (Hospital, long term care facility, clinic, etc.).

You are tasked with creating a process for reporting errors and reducing adverse events at your facility. Your submission will demonstrate your knowledge of medication error reporting to create your process. Be sure to include at least one QI tool and discuss the process involved

Your process should include the following:

An identification of the most prevalent and common medical errors in your facility

Risks associated with those medical errors

  • All individuals (staff, groups, agencies) who will be involved in the reporting process
  • Design a reporting template and be sure to Include any workflow processes or tools can be used in the process
  • Provide a brief evaluation of departments responsible for following up on the errors and events.

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This assignment focuses on creating a process for reporting errors and reducing adverse events related to medication errors. As a healthcare administrator, it is essential to ensure patient safety by identifying prevalent medical errors in the facility and implementing a reporting template with the involvement of all stakeholders. The following answer outlines the process involved in creating a medication error reporting process at a healthcare facility.

The most prevalent and common medical errors in the facility will be identified through data analysis, patient feedback, and staff feedback. The risks associated with those medical errors will be assessed to develop strategies for reducing adverse events. The identified medical errors will be prioritized based on the risk level associated with them.

All individuals, including staff, groups, and agencies involved in medication administration, will be educated and trained on the medication error reporting process. A reporting template will be developed that clearly outlines the steps involved in reporting a medication error. It will include fields for documenting the patient’s name, the medication involved, the error type, and the severity of adverse events.

Workflow processes and tools such as an electronic health record (EHR) system will be used in the medication error reporting process. The EHR will be integrated with the reporting template to facilitate easy reporting. The process will involve reviewing the patient’s medication history and verifying all medication orders to reduce medication errors.

Department heads responsible for following up on the errors and events will be evaluated on a monthly basis. This will involve reviewing the number of errors reported, the action taken, and the impact of the measures taken to reduce medication errors. The evaluation will identify areas that need improvement, and corrective measures will be implemented.

In conclusion, the medication error reporting process involves identifying prevalent medical errors, assessing associated risks, training staff, developing a reporting template, using workflow processes and tools, and evaluating the departments responsible for following up on errors and events. The process will ensure patient safety, and corrective measures will be implemented to reduce and prevent medication errors.

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