University of Phoenix MHA 507 Wk 3 Group Visualizing Data Discussion

Communicating information learned from data is often most effectively done by creating visual representations of the findings. In this group assignment, you will work with your collaborative group to create bars and graphs based on public health data.
Submit all written assignments as APA formatted MS Word documents.The objective of this assignment is to help each other learn and reinforce this crucial skill set used in data analysis.Each member of the group should work on the following:

Locate datasets available from the CDC, NIH, or another public source.

  1. Use Microsoft Excel® to create bar charts and side-by-side bar graphs of your datasets.

In the discussion area for your group, post your charts and graphs and provide a brief explanation of your analysis and any tips you can share about your process for creating the visualizations that other members of your group can benefit from.

Post feedback to your team member’s posts as well.Submit as a group:

1 document that includes each person’s final charts and graphs

Each group member will be graded individually upon completion.

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Question: What is the objective of the assignment?

Answer: The objective of the assignment is to help students learn and reinforce their skills in creating visual representations of public health data using bar charts and side-by-side bar graphs in Microsoft Excel®. The students are expected to collaborate in groups and work together to analyze and communicate information learned from the data provided by public sources such as CDC or NIH. Each member is required to submit their charts and graphs in a group document along with a brief explanation of their analysis and provide feedback to other members’ posts. The assignment aims to improve the students’ understanding of data analysis and effective communication of their findings.

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