Chronicle of Higher Education Article Summary and Evaluation

select one current article from the Chronicle of Higher Education website that was published within the past year. The more recent, the better since this course addresses current issues and topics in college student development. Students should select an article that relates specifically to a current issue or trend in student affairs. Some of the major current topics and issues you may see covered in this periodical are: finance/budgeting, retention, assessment, multiculturalism, student life issues, student success, etc. Please select articles that are most pertinent to the field of college student development After carefully reading the article, using a Microsoft Word document, students will write a 1 typed page summary followed by a ½ to 1 typed page evaluation of the article. Thus, altogether, this assignment should be 1 ½ to 2 typed pages. The assignment should be formatted using APA, 6th ed and include APA headings, an APA title page, and an APA reference page. The paper length requirement excludes the title and reference pages. Your paper must be well organized and grammatically correct. Students should ATTACH the summary using a Microsoft Word document AND submit a FULL-TEXT copy of the article. NOTE: It is not sufficient to submit only a link to the article. Also, students who do not attach their assignment in the form of a Microsoft Word document will NOT receive credit. Questions students may consider as they read the article and complete the assignment: In what ways is this issue and trend affecting student affairs practice in the U.S.? How might this issue or trend influence your own practice as a student affairs professional? How could this issue or trend potentially influence college student development and/or the practice of student affairs in the future?

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