Film analysis on 2010 movie called Boy

Description Film Scene Analysis on movie : Boy (2010) directed and written by Taika Waititi Students are to submit a short essay based on the analysis of a film scene or sequence. This assignment improves your knowledge of the concepts for analysis, interpretation, and evaluation of media. Your conceptual understanding of cinema connects film technique to meaning. It’s not a matter of personal preference but how the scene is relevant. Elements for your film scene analysis is a critical review: Description: the film’s themes and the scene/sequences. Consider the form, subjects and specific content in the story. Analysis: observe the significant and relevant patterns/themes that emerge. Interpretation: asks and answers using film language. What does it mean? Evaluation:judgement sees the importance of this media through a larger lens. Grading Criteria: Does the essay answer the following: Descriptive analysis of a scene or sequence you find engaging. Provide context for understanding the scene within the film. Research background context on the filmmaker and their contribution to cinema. At every step, clearly communicate your ideas with terms and concepts used in film analysis. 500 word Submission Format: PDF Double spaced, 12pt, Arial Cover Page: Topic / Student name / Course title/ Description Must use literary terms like heron antihero’ antagonist, image, film genre, symbol, protagonist.

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