Global Nursing Shortage, 250 words with 2 references/citations for my health and medical homework

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Topic 1: Global Nursing Shortage

Evaluate the effects of the global nursing shortage on health policy. How has the shortage affected the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals? Analyze how nursing ideas, values, and beliefs impact policy agenda. Identify when policy can dictate treatment options.

At least 250 words with 2 references/citations

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The shortage of nurses is a global issue that has a significant impact on healthcare. As a medical professor, it is my duty to evaluate the repercussions of this crisis on health policy. The following answer will analyze the effects of the global nursing shortage on the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals, policy agenda, and treatment options.


The global shortage of nurses has a direct impact on health policy. The shortage could lead to inadequate healthcare for individuals and their families, which makes it challenging to achieve the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals. The United Nations anticipated the nursing crisis would impede their progress in achieving better maternal and child health, reducing communicable diseases, and increasing access to care. Additionally, the shortage affects policy agenda as lawmakers must address the lack of nurses in hospitals and other healthcare facilities to ensure adequate healthcare delivery.

Nursing ideas, values, and beliefs have a significant impact on policy agenda. The nursing profession emphasizes values such as compassion, caring, and human dignity, which could influence policy decisions. Nurses provide essential care to patients, and their ideas regarding healthcare delivery can improve policy agenda. They can advocate for policies that promote safe staffing levels, sufficient training and education programs for nurses, and increased access to healthcare for vulnerable populations.

Policy can dictate treatment options when a lack of resources is present. The nursing shortage can limit care options for patients, which leaves policy-makers in a delicate position to decide which treatment options are viable. Policies must be put in place that outlines how to allocate resources, including nurses, effectively, while still providing efficient and effective care.

In the end, nursing shortage affects health policies, weakens the progress of the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals, and influences the policy agenda. The nursing profession’s critical values and beliefs must continue to be advocated in policy development, and also legislators must address the severe issue of inadequate nursing staffing levels in healthcare facilities.


1. WHO. (2016). Global strategic directions for strengthening nursing and midwifery 2016-2020. Retrieved from;jsessionid=FD0214ECA215A65B3F29129B79F03C97?sequence=1
2. Buchan J., & Aiken LH. (2008). Solving nursing shortages: a common priority. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 17(24), 3262–8.

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