GQ1-2 Leadership and Organizational Culture

INSTRUCTIONS: Read and respond to the following post listed below by adding value to the discussion and/or a different perspective. As Johnson (2015) stated, the success of failure of a group is based on the actions of the members. Therefore, an organization’s culture is the result of the individual employees making choices that impact the total of the organization. It is a leader’s responsibility to ensure there is accountability and communication of what is expected of the followers. Hearty and Sims (1979) researched that when an ethical stimulus was present, that the subjects were more likely to demonstrate ethical behaviors. In order to determine if an organization’s culture is aligned with the ethics policy, the behaviors that the policy influences should be monitored and measured for compliance. This will show in a real scenario if the correct stimulus is present to elicit the ethical behavior that a leader expects of employees. Leader’s must inspect what is expected. Without the inspection, it is not clear if the leader and ethical policy is communicating what the organization or leader wants to communicate. By understanding how employees are responding to the ethical policy, a leader can evaluate if changes are needed to ethical policy, if employees are hired that are not in line with the ethical expectations of the organization, or if another mitigating factor was not taken into consideration with the development of the policy that needs to be added.

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