HCS 457 Week 4 Resources and Service Summary

Discuss with your team resources and services available in your community that help contribute to your community’s health and wellness. 


Write a 150-350 word summary discussing the resources and services discussed.


Include the following in your summary:

  • Identify 2-3 resources and services
  • How do these services/resources serve community needs
  • How do they promote the community’s health and wellness?.

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As a medical professional, it is crucial to understand the resources and services available in the community for promoting health and wellness. In this discussion, we will identify and evaluate a few resources and services offered in the community towards this objective.


The community offers a range of resources and services that help contribute to its health and wellness. Two main services offered in the community include mobile clinics and health fairs. The mobile clinics provide medical care to underserved communities, while the health fairs offer free health screenings and education. These services address the need for basic healthcare and education that is often not accessible to marginalized communities.

Another essential resource offered in the community is the food banks. These provide food supplies to the less privileged who cannot afford healthy food options. The food banks help to address the problem of food insecurity, which is a significant contributor to poor health outcomes in the community. By promoting access to healthy foods, the food banks actively contribute to the community’s health and wellness.

Overall, the community resources and services mentioned above promote the community’s health and wellness by addressing the root causes of ill health. The mobile clinics and health fairs provide education and medical care to communities that often cannot afford it, while food banks address food insecurity. By ensuring that the community can access healthy foods and quality healthcare, these services contribute significantly to improving individuals’ health and the community’s overall wellbeing.

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