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As a Pharmacy Manager, you must be able to explain state law
requirements to your staff. While pharmacists are generally familiar
with the state laws, the Pharmacy Technicians may not be clear on
certain topics. Consequently, you will need to add content to your
policy/procedure explaining key laws that Pharmacy Technicians will need
to know and apply on a daily basis. The transferable skills that you
will demonstrate with this assignment are information literacy, ethics,
and professional responsibility.

In preparation for this:

  1. Research and summarize your state laws regarding the duties of a Pharmacy Technician.
  2. Explain how the state laws align with the ethical conduct required
    by pharmacy employers. Why are they important for demonstrating
    professional ethical practices? Discuss the consequences to the employer
    and customer of demonstrating unethical practices.

Write your findings in an APA formatted paper that is a minimum of
2-pages in length. Be sure to include an APA formatted reference page
containing a minimum of 3 credible sources, with 2 being academic (such
as an academic journal). Use a minimum of 3 in-text citations with
proper formatting.

  • A note about credible sources: Credible sources
    are reliable, accurate, and trustworthy. These sources are written by
    authors respected in their fields of study. You want to identify sources
    where the author of the article is listed, if they’ve referenced other
    information, the sources should be cited so that you can check for the
    accuracy of and support what they have written.
  • Wikipedia is not considered a credible source. For more information on credible sources, please visit the Rasmussen Online Library.

You are encouraged to investigate the following resources:

  • Board of Pharmacy in your state
  • Rasmussen online library:
    • Health Policy Reference Center via EBSCO
    • Health Sciences and Nursing via ProQuest – Pharmaceutical News Index

Expert Solution Preview

Introduction: As a Pharmacy Manager, it is essential to ensure that all staff members are aware of state laws to avoid ethical and legal issues in the workplace. This assignment aims to research and summarize the state laws related to the duties of a Pharmacy Technician, and how they align with the ethical conduct required by pharmacy employers. Additionally, this paper will discuss the importance of professional ethical practices, and the potential consequences to the employer and customer of demonstrating unethical practices.

State Laws regarding the Duties of a Pharmacy Technician:
Pharmacy Technicians have specific duties and responsibilities that are regulated by state laws. These laws vary from state to state but generally involve their roles in assisting pharmacists in dispensing prescriptions, handling controlled substances, and providing medication information to customers. For instance, in California, Pharmacy Technicians cannot interpret or give medical consultation, provide counseling, or finalize sales of the prescribed medications. Pharmacy technicians should also be registered with the California State Board of Pharmacy, undergo training, and evaluate their skills continually.

Alignment of State Laws with Ethical Conduct:
State laws aim to ensure patient safety and protect the public from harm. By aligning the state laws with the ethical conduct required by pharmacy employers, Pharmacy Technicians can provide quality services to customers. The American Pharmacists Association has set ethical standards that Pharmacy Technicians should adhere to, such as respecting the dignity and privacy of customers, being honest and trustworthy, and treating all customers equally and fairly. Failure to align state laws and ethical conduct may lead to legal and ethical dilemmas in the workplace, such as medication errors, breach of confidentiality, and miscommunication.

Importance of Professional Ethical Practices:
Professional ethical practices are vital to the success of the pharmacy industry. Pharmacy Technicians must be aware of their legal and ethical responsibilities to avoid legal and professional consequences that could result from improper conduct. Ethical practices ensure that the customer receives quality services, trust in the pharmacist and pharmacy staff, and comply with the state laws. Additionally, adherence to ethical practices enhances personal and professional growth, promotes teamwork, and fosters a positive workplace culture.

Consequences of Demonstrating Unethical Practices:
The consequences of demonstrating unethical practices can be dire to the employer and customer. Pharmacy Technicians who demonstrate unethical practices may face criminal charges, disciplinary action by the State Board of Pharmacy, termination from their job, and damage to their reputation. The employer may be held liable for hiring or overlooking unethical practices by their staff, leading to lawsuits and financial compensation to the affected customers. The customer may suffer adverse medical conditions, financial losses, and loss of trust in the pharmacy.

The knowledge of state laws and ethical conduct required by pharmacy employers is essential for Pharmacy Technicians. The alignment of state laws with ethical conduct promotes professionalism, quality services to the customer, and trust in the pharmacy staff. The consequences of demonstrating unethical practices can be severe, leading to legal and professional dilemmas that could harm the pharmacy’s reputation. Therefore, it is crucial for the Pharmacy Manager to ensure that their staff is well informed about state laws and ethical conduct to promote a safe and ethical workplace.

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