Grand Canyon University Week 8 Research and EBP Discussion

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Using supporting documentation from at least one nursing publication, describe how evidence-based practice is different from research. How would you identify a research project as being an evidence-based intervention project versus the creation of knowledge in a nursing research project?

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Evidence-based practice and research are closely related but distinct terms in the field of nursing. While research involves the creation of new knowledge, evidence-based practice involves the application of existing research findings and best practices to patient care.


Evidence-based practice is different from research in that it involves the use of existing research to guide clinical decision-making, while research involves the creation of new knowledge. Evidence-based practice involves the integration of clinical expertise, patient preferences, and best available research evidence in making clinical decisions. On the other hand, research involves systematic and rigorous scientific investigation to generate new knowledge.

To identify a research project as an evidence-based intervention project versus the creation of knowledge in a nursing research project, it is essential to examine the research question. In an evidence-based intervention project, the research question is usually focused on improving patient outcomes by evaluating the effectiveness of an intervention based on existing research evidence. In contrast, a research project that is focused on creating knowledge is more likely to have a research question that involves exploring a phenomenon or testing a theory. Additionally, an evidence-based intervention project is likely to have a stronger clinical focus and involve interdisciplinary collaboration aimed at improving patient care. On the other hand, a research project focused on creating knowledge may have a broader research focus and involve a more traditional scientific investigation approach.

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