MHA 560 University of Phoenix Week 5 Red Bag Waste Reduction Initiative Paper

Resource: Script and Storyboard template

Topic: (Red Bag Waste Initiative)

Determine who, inside and outside the organization, is essential in the success of your initiative.

Identify partnerships that can be formed between organizations to foster collaboration or healthy competition.

Strategize how to engage patients and their friends or family to participate in your initiative (directly or indirectly).

Identify community leaders who can use power and influence to further the initiative on your behalf.

Write a 90- to 175-word script for a 30- to 60-second online advertisement that promotes your sustainability initiative, advocates for sustainable health care practices, and invites the community to action.

Include a storyboard that outlines the advertisement.

Design four social media posts in the platform of your choosing that promotes your initiative and invite the community to get involved.

Expert Solution Preview

Inside and outside the organization, there are several stakeholders who are crucial to the success of the Red Bag Waste Initiative. Within the organization, the executive leadership team, the environmental services department, the nursing staff, and the infection prevention and control team are all essential participants. Outside of the organization, partners may include waste management companies, local and state health departments, and other healthcare facilities. 
Partnerships between organizations can encourage collaboration, information sharing, and healthy competition. For example, a partnership with a waste management company may facilitate more effective disposal of red bag waste, while partnerships with other healthcare facilities may allow for the exchange of best practices regarding sustainable healthcare initiatives. 
To engage patients and their families, healthcare providers can provide education on the importance of sustainable healthcare practices and the impact that red bag waste has on the environment. Social media campaigns and community outreach programs can also encourage participation in the initiative. 
Community leaders and influencers who support sustainable healthcare practices can be valuable allies for the Red Bag Waste Initiative. They can use their platform to raise awareness and advocate for the initiative, potentially gaining more support and resources.

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