SPHS 502 APU Motor Learning Summary and Throwing a Ball Video Recording Paper

For the final project you are asked to develop an eight to 12 minute video where you demonstrate how you would apply two of the following concepts from the field of Motor Learning to the teaching of a movement skill. You must include demonstration by yourself and/or another “actor”, not just a lecture. Choose two of the following topics:

  1. Feedback for a specific skill
    1. Knowledge of Results
    2. Knowledge of Performance
    3. Proprioception
  2. Freezing the degrees of freedom – take one skill and show us how you would teach it to a novice. Show which joints are frozen and why and then the order of release.
  3. General Motor Program – choose one GMP and show it in action during two different motor skills. How do the following parameters change:
    1. Muscles used (will be very similar)
    2. Order of activation of muscles and de-activation
    3. Force of muscle contraction
    4. Duration of muscle contraction
  4. Practice session for:
    1. Specific population
    2. Specific motor skill
    3. Transfer
  5. Information Processing:
  1. Skill display and filter issues
  2. Short-term memory processes
  3. Long-term memory and retrieval
  1. Reinforcement/motivation
    1. Key internal reinforcers
    2. Key external reinforcers
    3. Advantages vs disadvantages of negative reinforcement and punishment
  • Your video must include an introduction of your skill choice and main teaching objectives.
  • Demonstration of how you apply the Motor Learning concepts
  • Take note of the environment in which you video for appropriate background, sound and lighting
  • FYI, the cell phones you all now have are likely well suited for quality video
  • In summary, please practice your delivery, clear articulation, voice volume and eye contact are key features in which you must use in your own professional preparation and work settings

Along with the video, you must submit a five-page executive summary of your presentation, with at least eight scholarly APA references and documentation. The reference page is in addition to the five-page executive summary.

Remember, APA in-text documentation and referencing are required. Please review the assignment irubric

You may use Kaltura which is embedded into our Sakai course. Kaltura guides are attached, however you may use another method, but make certain that we can upload and open it!

I encourage you to use Youtube. This format is more robust and has no issues with file size downloading.

For assistance with creating a Youtube video, I have attached the following instructional video link. This link will take you through the process of completing a Youtube video.

Instructions: Your submission must be attached here as a WORD document. All references and citations must be in APA format. Include a title page and a reference page with your submission.

The video must be uploaded to the assignments.

The length of the executive summary assignment should be 5 pages plus title and reference page.]

Expert Solution Preview

As a medical professor, it is essential to design assignments and evaluations that stimulate critical thinking and encourage the application of theoretical concepts to practical situations. For the final project, students are tasked with developing an eight to twelve-minute video that demonstrates how they would apply two motor learning concepts to teaching a movement skill.

The final project requires students to demonstrate how they would apply two of the following concepts from motor learning to teaching a movement skill: Feedback for a Specific Skill (Knowledge of Results, Knowledge of Performance, or Proprioception), Freezing the Degrees of Freedom, General Motor Program, Practice Session for a Specific Population and Motor Skill (with Transfer), Information Processing (Skill Display and Filter Issues, Short-Term Memory Processes, and Long-Term Memory and Retrieval), or Reinforcement/Motivation (Key Internal/External Reinforcers and Advantages/Disadvantages of Negative Reinforcement and Punishment).

To complete this task, students must submit an eight to twelve-minute video and a five-page executive summary of their presentation, with at least eight scholarly APA references and documentation. In the video, students must introduce the skill they have chosen and their primary teaching objectives, apply the motor learning concepts they have selected, and consider their surroundings for appropriate background, sound, and lighting.

The executive summary assignment should be five pages in length (excluding the title and reference page), and all citations and references should follow APA format. Students may use Kaltura (embedded into the Sakai course) or use another method, provided the file is uploadable.

Overall, this project aims to encourage students’ engagement with and understanding of motor learning concepts and their practice-based applications.

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