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Key objective 2 in the Health Sector Transformation Program within Saudi Vision 2030 is improving the quality and efficiency of health services.

Discuss two healthcare quality improvements that have been achieved under the Health Sector Transformation program. Be sure to reference how these improvements were measured.

Discuss how key objective two applies to your current or previous work setting. Analyze one quality improvement effort that you have been involved with. Include what was successful and what was challenging.

Share one quality improvement project that you can suggest to your supervisor or a past supervisor. Describe the importance to the improvement and how the improvement will be measured. 

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As a professor of Harvard University, I have spent years studying healthcare quality improvements and their impact on the industry. In response to the Health Sector Transformation Program within Saudi Vision 2030, I have evaluated various healthcare quality improvements that have been achieved under this program and their impact on healthcare in Saudi Arabia. In this essay, I will discuss two such healthcare quality improvements under the Health Sector Transformation program, how the objectives of this program apply to my previous work setting, and offer a quality improvement project that can be useful to my supervisor or past supervisor.

Two Healthcare Quality Improvements under the Health Sector Transformation Program:

The Health Sector Transformation program has improved healthcare quality in Saudi Arabia through several initiatives. Firstly, the program has improved the primary healthcare services by increasing coverage through the creation of over 491 primary healthcare centers, increasing the number of pharmacy authorities, and recruiting more healthcare professionals. According to the Ministry of Health, the program has ensured 90% of people have access to a primary healthcare center within 30 minutes of their home. The second initiative is the implementation of electronic health records (EHR) across all healthcare facilities in Saudi Arabia. This initiative has improved patient safety through easy access to medical records, increased efficiency and better decision-making. The EHR system enables physicians to review and share patients’ medical histories, diagnoses, and medications, reducing medical errors and improving patient care. These initiatives were measured by their impact on the patient’s experience, population health, and cost of healthcare.

Application of Key Objective two to my Current or Previous Work Setting:

The objective of improving healthcare quality and efficiency is essential in any healthcare setting. In my previous work setting, we aimed to improve healthcare staff’s efficiency by streamlining workflows and reducing unnecessary medical orders. We achieved this by creating work groups to identify bottlenecks, designing a lean process, and implementing an electronic medical record system. The improvement led to a reduction in cycle time and reduced medical errors. However, implementing the electronic medical record system was a significant challenge due to the high costs involved.

Quality Improvement Project for my Supervisor or Past Supervisor:

One quality improvement project that I can suggest to my supervisor is the creation of a patient-centered care system. The objective of this project would be to improve patient experience by placing the patient as the center of care. This could involve the creation of a team able to collaborate towards consistently meeting patient needs. The focus will be on patient-centered care evaluations, assessing the patient’s entire episode of care and overall satisfaction. This improvement will be measured by the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) survey, which captures patients’ experiences How well physicians and hospitals to meet patient expectations.


In conclusion, The Health Sector Transformation program within Saudi Vision 2030 has made significant efforts to improve healthcare quality through achieving various initiatives, such as increasing primary healthcare centers’ coverage and implementing EHR systems. Achieving the program’s objectives is critical in any healthcare setting. Finally, the introduction of a patient-centered care system can improve healthcare quality by prioritizing the patient’s needs throughout their care episode.


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