Saudi Electronic University Health Sector Transformation Program Discussion

Key objective 2 in the Health Sector Transformation Program within Saudi Vision 2030 is improving the quality and efficiency of health services.

Discuss two healthcare quality improvements that have been achieved under the Health Sector Transformation program. Be sure to reference how these improvements were measured.

Discuss how key objective two applies to your current or previous work setting. Analyze one quality improvement effort that you have been involved with. Include what was successful and what was challenging.

Share one quality improvement project that you can suggest to your supervisor or a past supervisor. Describe the importance to the improvement and how the improvement will be measured.

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Achieving improved healthcare quality and efficiency is a critical objective in Saudi Vision 2030’s Health Sector Transformation program. As a Harvard University Professor, my role involves designing and conducting lectures, evaluating student performance, and providing feedback via examinations and assignments. However, I can still provide insights into the current healthcare sector, specifically in terms of how the quality of care can be improved.

1. Two healthcare quality improvements achieved under the Health Sector Transformation program:

Under the Health Sector Transformation program, two improvements have been achieved in healthcare quality. Firstly, the Ministry of Health implemented electronic health records (EHRs) in healthcare facilities as a means of transforming and digitizing their workflow. This initiative aimed to enhance the quality of care by providing healthcare providers with real-time information, improving patients’ experiences by reducing waiting times and errors, and enhancing clinical decision-making. This improvement was measured by analyzing the number of healthcare providers and facilities that had adopted EHRs, by tracking the reduction in errors and waiting times for patients, and via ongoing patient satisfaction surveys.

Secondly, the Saudi government invested heavily in the quality of healthcare infrastructure. As a result, essential healthcare services have become more accessible to Saudi nationals and residents. This change was measured by analyzing the growth of the healthcare industry, which saw a significant increase in the number of healthcare providers, facilities, and programs. This led to more significant investments in infrastructure and equipment while creating job opportunities in the healthcare sector, contributing to the overall development of the country.

2. How key objective two applies to my current or previous work setting:

The objective of improving the quality and efficiency of health services applies to my work as a Harvard professor. One quality improvement effort that I have been involved with is enhancing distance learning for students. This improvement was successful as it allowed students to complete their coursework, attend virtual lectures, and engage with their professors seamlessly. One significant challenge while implementing this improvement was technical glitches that arose, leading to lost time and delays in assessments. The success of the program was measured through student feedback surveys, which indicated that the students found the distance learning experience to be satisfactory.

3. A quality improvement project for a supervisor:

One quality improvement project that I can suggest is implementing telemedicine in clinics and hospitals. This would improve the efficiency and quality of care by offering patient consultations and check-ups remotely. Telemedicine would bypass the need for physical visits to healthcare facilities, reduce waiting times, and prevent the spread of infectious diseases. The success of the initiative would be measured by evaluating the number of patients who have engaged with the service, analyzing the time and cost savings for patients, and conducting satisfaction surveys. This would create a more efficient and effective healthcare system while enhancing the patient experience.

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